Why study in USA?

Studying in the Untied States has a number of exciting possibilities not found elsewhere. In many other parts of the world, getting into a popular education program is often very difficult with many students applying but only a few being accepted. This might force you to accept your second or third choice or specializing in a field that is of less interest to you. Education in the United States has several advantages:

Easier acceptance into the program that really interests you.
You can focus on specific areas within your field, choosing only courses that you really like
Students can change field or concentration at any point during their time of study, often without wasting any courses already taken. This is useful if you do not know exactly what you are interested in
Additional degrees can be added along side your major concentration by taking more course work. In other words, you can graduate with two degrees if you plan correctly
If you decide to move to another university, another city, or even another state, you can bring completed courses and continue in your new location
Universities often have many sport teams, often with thousand of active fans following the games. This creates a great atmosphere and community at the university


Advantages of the American Educational System

student It is important to choose a field that interests you. Perhaps it even relates to something you already like to do outside work or school. The key to success in any field, both academically and later on in your professional life, is to enjoy what you do.

Many students are not sure exactly what they would like to study. Other students begin with one major just to realize that they don’t enjoy it. One advantage with the educational system in the United States is that it is fairly easy to change the direction once you have already begun. This is especially true during the first two years when students complete the general education requirements of a four-year degree.

One good way to find out if you actually like one field over another is to actually try it. Let’s say that you always been interested in law. By picking only one or two law classes during a semester, you will get a good idea if this would be something you would like to concentrate on. Best of all, you can use these classes as electives which means that you will not have wasted any time or money on giving it a try. We will be discussing electives next.

Another advantage of the American educational system is that it makes it possible to customize your degree in a number of different ways. Most majors require students to complete mandatory course work but leave it to the students to choose courses, too. Take a look at the Major Course Work Required (page 46) in the appendix for example. For instance, you might be a Political Science student with International Relations as a major but your real interest is within international trade. After completing the mandatory major course work, you still have 30 units to complete. These courses are often referred to as electives. You can now choose from a number of different classes that can make up the 30 units and several of them probably relate to your particular interest within your field.


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