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We help international students from around the world make their dream of studying in USA come true. Combine the adventure of a lifetime with a great education as an International Student in United States! You can make it happen and we can help!

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We have created an easy, fun, and free guide, especially for International Students. Find out how you can begin this life changing experience today.


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  1. Why Study in USA?
  2. Planning your studies
  3. Finding a University
  4. Programs & Degrees
  5. How much does it cost?
  6. How to pay for college
  7. How to apply for college
  8. Student online jobs
  9. Online education
  10. University search


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How to get an exciting adventure job?

Have you ever considered getting a job on a Cruise Ship or on an Oil Rig? How about testing new computer games as an after-school job? Maybe a cool job opportunity in Australia, Dubai, or Carribean? If any of this sounds exciting, then you really should go to our new Adventure Jobs section and learn all about how you can get an adventure job.
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Student online jobs - Earn money while studying!

Find out how you can make money from home while studying. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. Whenever you have spare the evenings, weekends, school can paid. For instance, you can fill out surveys and make $5 to $75 each. Read more about how you an earn money working from home starting today!
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Green Card Lottery

Join the Green Card Lottery today. It is your chance to Live and work in the United States. Approximately, 55,000 Green Cards are given away every year via the Green Card lottery. Read more about how you can paticipate in the annual Green Card USA lottery.
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