College Soccer scholarship in the USA

play college soccer in USA on a soccer scholarship!

How many young soccer kids haven't dreamt about becoming a professional soccer player?

We all know how difficult it is to make it to the top and play soccer for the big leagues in Italy, England, and Spain. But how about playing soccer in the USA for a university team. That's right, you can play US College Soccer and get paid for it. And even the average-to-good soccer players out there have a very good chance of making it. This is YOUR chance to become a "professional" soccer player.


You get more than a soccer experience, you will get:

College soccer in USA
University education
Improve your English skills
Lifelong friends from all over the world
Anders from Denmark is now playing college soccer in California. Watch Anders's promo video here


You will have the experience of a lifetime!! It's an experience that normally only wealthy people can afford. We will show you how you can get this experience for free, and get paid for doing it.

Soccer Players can get Athletic Scholarship

It's expensive to go to school in the USA. There is no free education. Instead there are different ways to get so-called scholarships that will pay for your time in school. In the USA you play your sport for university teams rather than for club teams. Athletes are thus able to get very valuable Athletic Scholarships when they play for the university team. A full-ride Athletic Scholarship covers the university's tuition fees, books, insurance, housing, and food money. A scholarship can thus easily have an annual value of US$10,000 to $50,000.
  soccer scholarship in USA

The Good News

The level of soccer in Europe and South America is relatively high which means that an average-to-good soccer player from those respective continents is considered to be a very good soccer player in USA's College Soccer leagues.

There are several hundred universities out there that offer Athletic Scholarships to soccer players.

But how do you find these universities and how do you apply for the scholarships? What are the rules and restrictions on the scholarships? When should you apply? What are the coaches looking for? Where in the US should you go? There are a lot of issues that naturally leads to a lot of questions.

We prepared a guide that will answer all your questions. The How to get an Athletic Scholarship Guide is written by other former International student-athletes. The guide includes all the information you need to prepare properly for your USA adventure.


The soccer guide covers the following

  1. Tips on how to convince the coach that you are the right player for the team
  2. What to include in your application package
  3. How to prepare a possible promo-video
  4. Sample letters to make it easy for you to contact the US coaches
  5. Lots of information about college soccer, the teams, the season, the level of competition, etc.
  6. Learn about the various rules and regulations and get tips on how to overcome them
  7. How to search for a university soccer team that fits you
  8. Read about how other International Student-Athletes prepared for their USA adventures

Your membership will include access to

  1. Our searchable university database includes 3,000+ universities, 30+ sports , 17 differt levels and divisions, Sport programs in all 50 states
  2. Search based on city, state, university name, sport, level, and tuition.
  3. Budget Wizard - plan and save multiple budgets for each university.
  4. Ebook library - view, download, and add all your ebooks at any time from your ebook library
We currently have 1429 universities with soccer programs in our searchable sport database.



You need to complete your High School (or equivalent degree) in your home country in order to enroll in a university in the US. You also need to take the TOEFL test and possibly the SAT test. Read more about additional requirements in the Student handbook.

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College Soccer

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How to prepare yourself for a professional soccer career:

Soccer drills and exercises

Superstars like Ronaldinho and Messi may have been born with a special soccer talent, but that alone have not taken them to the top of world. They have both gone through thousands of hours of hard work on the training grounds, and they have been through numerous soccer drills to perfect their dribble skills, passing game, finishing, etc. Soccer players are constantly working on their technical abilities. We have very good experience with a Soccer Skills eBook, that is both motivating and have plenty of good drills, that directly can improve any young soccer talent's soccer skills within just a few weeks. Remember, it’s a competitive game, and if you are not prepared, when you are given the chance to play at the next level (for instance if you are invited to a trial with a pro team or at try-outs with a college team), someone else will take your spot on the team. This Soccer Skills ebook is also a great tool for serious soccer coaches, as you’ll be presented several great soccer drills and exercises that the individual talent, as well as the entire soccer team will benefit from. Check out Soccer Training Guide now!

Great Physical Shape is an absolut MUST for any serious soccer talent!

Talented soccer players: In order for you to succeed as a soccer player and be able to compete with the many other soccer talents, it is a MUST to be in great Physical Shape. We all have our own way of getting in good shape, but it turns out that most soccer players need a little push or other form for motivation to go for that extra run in the forest every morning. We have good experience with using the following motivator.... Often young soccer talents need to put on some weight (muscle mass) to compete at the professional level. Why not take expert advice from a body builder on how to gain muscle mass and get a rock-hard body. We have good experience with using advice from Vince Delmonte a true get-in-shape expert. It works!! Vince DelMonte's advice is good for any athlete who wants a top trained body. We believe that soccer players can benefit from the muscle mass that DelMonte can help you build. Having said that, then we would recommend young soccer talents to use the body builder advice in combination with Total Soccer Fitness that has more focus on specific training methods for soccer players. It is not recommended to only follow a body builder training program, as it could lead to loss of speed and agility, due to too much muscle mass!

Understanding the Game (of soccer)!

The style of play in a small club is very different from the style of play at the professional level. Again and again, we see that young talents from smaller clubs, often have great individual/technical soccer skills, but if/when given a chance to play at higher level at larger clubs, the main reason, why the young talent from the small club is struggling to compete and make the teams, is usually the understanding of the game itself. The small club player simply don't have a good enough understanding of his/her playing position and the responsibilities of the position. So a common situation is that the player from smaller clubs are not used to the faster pace of the game and the different style of play, and end up making too many errors, like giving the ball away too easily, in other words, making the wrong kind of decisions when having the ball, and not making the right kind of movement off the ball, again because the small club player was never taught how to play his/her position properly the way it should be played on a higher level. For you to prepare yourself, as good as possible, for playing at the pro-level, we recommend, that you educate yourself and learn your soccer position to perfection with the Soccer Training Guide.