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Get an athletic scholarship to a college in the USA!

Athletic scholarships are available in numerous sports disciplines, and every year thousands of young sports talents are given the chance to compete in their sport at high level, while they pursue a valuable university degree. Here are some of the sports that are considered a collegiate sport by NCAA, and thus have athletic scholarships available.


Are you interested in getting an Athletic Scholarship in these sports?

Tennis in USA
American Football

You will have the experience of a lifetime!! It's an experience that normally only wealthy people can afford. We will show you how you can get this experience for free, and get paid for doing it

Talented athletes can get Athletic Scholarships

It's expensive to go to school in the USA. There is no free education. Instead there are different ways to get so-called scholarships that will pay for your time in school. In the USA you play your sport for university teams rather than for club teams. Athletes are thus able to get very valuable Athletic Scholarships when they play for the university team.

A full-ride Athletic Scholarship covers the university's tuition fees, books, insurance, housing, and food money. A scholarship can thus easily have an annual value of US$10,000 to $50,000.


Sweden Tennis Player
Johan from Sweden played for universities in California and Hawaii. You can do it too!


Currently, we do not have specific eBooks available for above sports. However, if you are planning to apply for college in the US, and hoping to be able to compete in one of the above sports on scholarship level, but still haven’t landed that valuable Letter of Intent, then feel free to contact us here, and we may be able to assist you in getting the scholarship. The level of the above sports are relatively high in the USA, and although we are not talking professional level, then your physical condition and skills still need to be top class and as fine tuned as possible. The better you prepare yourself, the better chance you will have to succeed in your sport, and in this case the better chance you will have to be offered an athletic scholarship in your sport.


American sports eBooks


The eBooks listed below are valuable tools for you to prepare yourself for the next level. Remember, there are a lot of talents out there, and only the best prepared will succeed. Right now, thousands of talents in your sports are working very hard to reach the top level. Are you doing enough? Or will the other guys end up ahead of you and take your spot on the team? You need to act now to improve your chances of being ahead!


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Most athletes probably don't know if they "can make it" in the United States. What are your skills worth, your age, and how about your sport? Test yourself now free!


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