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Did you know that there are close to one million international students in the USA and everyday there are thousands of other students planning their upcoming study abroad trip? Our website traffic is highly targeted and our visitors include students (high school and university), athletes (golf, soccer, swimming, tennis, other sports), young entrepreneurs, new opportunity seekers, and job-seekers.

We are Scandinavia’s leading International Student Service and are currently growing rapidly in other European and Asian Countries. All the information in our International Student Guide is being provided free to the students so that they can make the right choices when they plan their educational future.

What makes us different is our strategic position on the Net. We are ranked #1 on Google and Yahoo on numerous student-related keywords.

Online promotion is thus a highly effective way to advertise your business. Our website therefore provides the ultimate meeting point between your company and young, educated consumers.
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Our aim is to become the main web address for students, athletes, and young entrepreneurs. To achieve this we have developed a comprehensive multi-media marketing campaign to get our name out there on the tip of people’s tongues! Expect to see our name in trade magazines, newspapers, and online.

Promotion Options

We have a number of website advertising options depending on your budget, impact factor, and advertisement size. We are also available for a personal consultation to discuss your advertisement needs and determine which package would be most beneficial for your business. If your business has special marketing requirements we can develop customised solutions as well.
Our standard web advertisement options include:

Banner Ads

468 x 60 pixels
140 x 350 pixels
125 x 125 pixels
160 x 600 pixels
728 x 90 pixels
Text-links (can be set up for advertising purposes or SEO-purposes)
300 x 250 pixels
All advertisements can be posted in a ‘movie’ format such as FLASH or animated GIF, or in static format.

Direct Student Marketing!

StudentGuideUSA Newsletter currently circulates to over 5000 registered international students. We are continuously expanding our database by promoting our newsletter service online.

HTML Student Alert
We can provide dedicated HTML email communications to our student registrant database. With comprehensive demographic information on our registrants, we can target your business message!

Advertising Pricing Structure

Our current rates are for a Monthly Flat-fee package:

Campaign 1 Month flat-rate: 12-months plan:
Banner and Link Campaign $200 USD $1,500 USD (37.5% discount)

If you are not interested in banner Advertising, but are interested in Text Links. Take use of our Text Link Plan below or exchange Link with us here: Link exchange

Campaign 1 Month flat-rate: 12-months plan:
Text Link plan $100 USD $750 USD (37.5% discount)

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How to Book your Ad?

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