Interesting jobs and ideas for the young and adventurous:

Why should you work in a boring office, when there are so many interesting jobs out there for young people who are ready for new adventures. Here is a list with links to interesting jobs, or in some cases, links to sites that will show you how to get these interesting jobs:

Work on an Oil Rig: How do I get a job on an oil rig?

Cruiseship Jobs: How to get a job on a Cruiseship?

Night Club Promoter: Learn how to become a Night Club Promoter?

Make money as a Game Tester: How to become a Game Tester and get paid for it?

Game Tester: Game Player Pro

Game Tester: Become a Game Tester!

Jobs in the Sun (Carribean): How to get jobs in the Caribbean?

Nurse job in Australia: How to start working as a Nurse in Australia?

Jobs in Dubai: How to get a job in Dubai?

Model Jobs: How to become a Model?

Bartender Jobs: How to become the best bartender?

Investment Banker Jobs/Interview skills: How to land a job as an Investment Banker?

Cruise Jobs: Cruise working

Oil and Gas Jobs: Get a job on an Oil Rig!


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