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How networking could help you get a job?

Networking is very important for your job search. Surprisingly, few people find jobs via job ads; most people find jobs through friends, former co-workers, sports clubs, etc. In other words, find a job through your existing Network of people you know. You can Network, Online as well as Offline.

Offline Networking: If you are still in your home country and meet people in a bar or in the cafeteria of your school, then try to lead the conversation towards your interest in the USA and the possibilities of working 'over there'. You may be surprised to find out that a lot of people have some kind of connection to the USA, whether that be an old uncle that immigrated many years ago, or your friend went to high school in the US, or someone have a pen pal in the USA, etc. If you are already in the US, then try to 'Google' your area. Here is a couple of examples of what a young Scandinavian can find of Networking opportunities in the San Francisco and Silicon Valley area:

  1. Danish Chamber of Commerce (DACC)
  2. Swedish Silicon Vikings
  3. Norwegian Seaman's Church
  4. Young Scandinavian Club (YSC)

The USA is a Melting Pot, and the larger cities will most likely have some kind of community from your home country, that you could network with.

Online Networking: above-mentioned organizations and clubs have websites where you can read more about possible networking events scheduled in the respective area. Some of the organizations also have forums and message boards where you often see new people to the area who are asking for advice on the local job market. Why don't you try the same?


Use Work and Social Network Sites

Here is a list of other online Networking websites that are worth checking out. It is a good and fun way to get to know people. Most of the services are free and you can search for people living in the area that you are interested in, plus you can usually search for people with similar background or interests as you have. Start right away and you will chat with people in the USA today:


Be Active and Creative

Keep testing new ideas and initiatives! There is never any guarantee for success, and certain approaches may work for some, but not for others. As a job seeker, you need to be patient and cannot give up easily. The first month of job searching is usually quite exciting; you will be busy setting everything up and it is kind of fun to try to advertise yourself by using various, creative initiatives. But if all your efforts and creativity don't seem to pay-off the first 3 months, then the job seeker can start getting a bit frustrated. It is important that the job seeker doesn't give up here, instead it is time to adjust your approaches a bit and start to test new methods when you present yourself. For instance, when you network, try not to mention that you are looking for work. Most people network to meet new friends and to create possible future business relations, so some may find it irritating that they constantly run into desperate job-seekers. So avoid to appear desperate and don't bring your resume in your back pocket. Instead, exchange business cards and suggest to informally meet for a cup of coffee sometime in the near future. In other words, get to know your new friends first, before you start asking them for help and job advice.

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