Study in USA

study in USA Study in the USA! Every year thousands of young people around the world go and study in the USA. The international students (You!) get to improve their English skills, they get a top quality education, and they get the experience and adventure of their life! You can make it happen and we can help!

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Work in USA

Work in USADo you want to live and work in the USA? Find all the information that you need to make it happen, including:

  • US Visas and Green Cards
  • Jobs online
  • Resumes and interviews
  • ...and much more

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Sports in USA

Sports in USA Play sports in America on an Athletic Scholarship? This is not a dream. Thousands of International Student Athletes have already played at a semi-professional level for universities around the United States. Athletes get a free education, housing, food, travel, and even pocket money.

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Are you young and looking for an adventure?

How to get an exciting adventure job?

Have you ever considered getting a job on a Cruise Ship or on an Oil Rig? Or how about testing new computer games as an after-school job? Or maybe a cool job opportunity in Australia, Dubai, or Carribean? If any of this sounds exciting, then you really should go to our new Adventure Jobs section and learn all about how you can get an adventure job. Have Fun!

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Green Card Lottery

Join the Green Card Lottery today. It is your chance to Live and work in the United States. Approximately, 55,000 Green Cards are given away every year via the Green Card lottery. Read more about how you can paticipate in the annual Green Card USA lottery.
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